Since 2012 from Italy

....combining the excellence of many Lombard-Italy companies, we have developed a specialized product portfolio for packaging, storage and handling of large diameter heavy duty rolls in the industrial market.

We are working following  7 ROLL'S PRICIPLES:

1) stay SPECIALIZED ON THE ROLLS WORLD: focus storage, handling and packaging, recycling  for heavy duty rolls;

2) Only INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS: combining different production technologies (extrusion, injection printing, rotational printing, paper converting, polystyrene, ...);

3) New life for RECYCLED MATERIALS: eco-design, sustainability, useful, quality and super reusable products;
4) LESS IS MORE: modular products, less material and monomaterial;

5) FIRST THE PRICE AFTER THE PRODUCT: the market gives us the price and our creativity and competence designs the product;

6) PROBLEMS ARE OPPORTUNITY: products in the catalogue are the result of a problem solved for one of our customers and which we then propose to the whole market:

7) WORLDWIDE BENCHMARK: every day a small step to become the best

ROLL was born from the intuition and enthusiasm of Engineer Sergio Pini. Today we are young team with various competences that supports ROLL customers for find out solutions in the management of industrial reels - rolls

 Where we are

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Via Don Capiaghi 9

22070 Bregnano (Como) - Italy

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1223 Coronet Drive, Suite 4

30720 Dalton - GA - Us

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Roll-packaging - Via don Capiaghi - Bregnano - Como - Italy