STABILO ROLL plastic pallets. LOWCOST reel pallet

Plastic roll wedges that lock amazingly.

What is the innovation? Rubber! Friction increases as roll weight increases.

You put wedges where you want, you can load the roll by rolling and you have a super stable roll pallet!

You will be able to "transform" your actual 800x1200 pallet to a roll pallet... simply!

​Safety for roll handling by forklift is guaranteed.

Your worst forklift driver will be astounded. Impossible to drop the roll

You will be ready to face the certifications for food packaging (ISO 22000, IFS BRC, HACCP standard) you will have a solution for the safe handling of reels and heavy duty rolls

Option (1) ROLL STABILO SB01 wedges 570 mm

Option (2) ROLL STABILO SB02 wedges 1143 mm

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