Plastic Pallet ROLL CONVERTO. The EASY roll pallet

Roll-packaging has invented ROLL CONVERTO.
You will be able to "convert" your current 800x1200 pallets, epal pallets into a roll pallet... simply!

With ROLL CONVERTO it guarantees hygiene, cleanliness, safety, super reusability, transport optimization.
You will be ready to face the certifications for food packaging (ISO 22000, IFS BRC, HACCP standards) you will have a solution for the safe handling of reels.

If the need is to store rolls on pallet racks, the ROLL CONVERTO RCV49 solution can be used.
The plastic pallet is made with bars inside which avoid the risk of deformation on the pallet rack.

roll packaging plastic pallets converto

Option (1)  ROLL CONVERTO CV01 plastic pallet deck

Option (2)  ROLL CONVERTO RCV49 plastic pallet rackable